Characteristics of Post-9/11 Veterans

  • Higher Suicide Risk

    10% have considered suicide or made a plan to end their life.
    One-third of these have not received help.
    22 veterans end their lives by suicide every day.
    That’s ONE veteran almost EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY

  • Lower Help Seeking Behaviors

    40% do not receive care for a mental health issue.
    22% do not receive care for a physical health condition.

  • Greater Risk-Taking Behaviors

    Driving after several drinks.
    Increased drug use and addiction.
    Carrying a weapon outside of work.
    Have looked to start a fight.
    Have taken unnecessary health risks.
    Have taken unnecessary risks to life.

  • Greater Barriers to Receiving Care

    More than 50% do not know where to go to get help.
    37% Believe they can handle problems “on their own”.
    37% Have difficulty scheduling an appointment.
    23% Are concerned about confidentiality of treatment.
    20% Fear harm to future career.

*The State of the American Veteran: The Los Angeles County Veterans Study, September 2014