IAVA Survey Upends Department Of Veterans Affairs Claims

May 4, 2015 by Benjamin Krause


The IAVA survey highlights growing dissatisfaction with VA health care, questioning the VA’s assertion that veterans prefer VA care vs. other options and says severe problems still exist with disability compensation wait list delays. The IAVA study was based on gathered claims from veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan. The VA claimed veterans liked VA care better was inferred by their low use of the Veterans Choice Card, issued 3 months ago.

Editorial Comment

Both surveys’ apparent conflicts catch vets in the middle. They may be more of a nonproductive argument among oranges and apples. The IAVA survey focus is on delayed benefits, the VA’s on satisfaction with medical care. Older veterans seem more satisfied and used to operating within the VA system, while the younger cohort, represented by IAVA, is more aggressive in getting their benefits. Most will agree that severe backlogs in benefits or healthcare delivery annoy all those caught in its claws.