Family, Friends, and Caregivers

PAVE recognizes the critical support veterans often get from their spouses, families, friends and personal advocates. We welcome you to contact us directly with your concerns relative to yourself and understanding your veteran’s physical and mental health care issues. If a veteran desires to have one of their supporters accompany them to a meeting with their PAVE advocate, all we ask is advance notice that they will be coming.

PAVE’s volunteers understand that taking care of your veteran can be stressful to the caregivers closest to them. There are private, public and VA resources available to help you as you help your veteran.

We list some of these under Resources. Case managers or social workers would be another way to identify the resource most suitable to your needs. Don’t be afraid talk with us about these problems.

Read our Veteran FAQs here.

Does Your Veteran Avoid His/Her Medical Problems?

PAVE realizes that many veterans don’t like to ask for help and/or avoid seeking medical care. PAVE welcomes inquires from concerned veteran families and caregivers, as shown in Chris’ story. Please contact Sarah Christ, our Veteran Liaison Coordinator for further information. We may be able to help you better understand your veteran’s problems and point you in a helpful direction.


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