Veteran Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I get with a PAVE Volunteer and where will we meet?

Your physician advocate will offer unhurried interaction as frequently as you require. Meetings can be held in person, by phone, Skype, text or email. If you desire, family members, personal advocates, and caregivers can be included in these meetings.

How much does PAVE cost?

There are no charges for PAVE’s services. Your veteran must have a medical provider who will provide care in either the Veteran’s Administration or other healthcare systems.

Will I get my medical care from my physician advocate?

No. Your volunteer, retired physician advocate will assist you in receiving more efficient, improved care from your current healthcare provider. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and successful outcome of your healthcare encounters. Your retired Pave physician is your healthcare advocate, not your doctor.

All veterans must have a medical provider who may be in either the Veteran’s Administration or other healthcare systems.

How will PAVE contribute to improving health?

Your physician advocate will, as needed, explain your diagnosis and the treatment options presented by your medical providers. In fact, we will attempt to answer ALL of your questions concerning your healthcare. We can even help prepare a list of questions for your doctor visits and then help you better understand their answers and terminology.

Can caregivers be included in PAVE’s program?

Yes along with the veteran, or alone, if necessary, to help a veteran connect with PAVE, or to improve the caregiver’s understanding of their  veteran’s medical issues.

What will my physician advocate NOT DO that my healthcare provider will?

We will not take a medical history, examine you, order diagnostic tests or studies, keep medical records, prescribe medication or in any way treat you. In other words, we will not practice medicine.

Will my physician advocate be in contact with my VA or other doctors?

Yes, if you and your doctor would like this. You may need to sign a release of information form for this to happen.

Will my physician advocate be able to review my medical records if I desire?

At this time only if you personally bring or send copies for review. It is also possible to look at your electronic records via the Internet. This is only done while we are together as we do not have access to these records or your password.

What if my physician advocate doesn’t know enough about my medical issues to help me?

No physician can know everything. However, our advocates have access to many colleagues with medical expertise in numerous areas of medical practice to anonymously confer with and may also research difficult issues as needed.

What do I need to do to get started with meeting a volunteer PAVE Physician?

Complete the Intake Form V1. We can help you do that.

Why would I need a veteran advocate?

There may be times when a person who has faced issues you are now struggling with can help you and your PAVE physician advocate better understand your questions, needs, and state of mind. PAVE’s Veteran Advocates understand both sides of the working relationship needed to get things done for you. It is completely up to you whether or not you choose to have a Veteran Advocate.