Become a Physician Advocate

PAVE Physician Advocates for VeteransPAVE pairs volunteer, retired physicians, on a one-on-one basis, with a veteran and/or their caregiver. In this advocacy role, PAVE physicians assist veterans to better understand their medical and mental conditions. With this understanding they can become empowered to more effectively access health care and to advocate for their own medical needs.

Retired physicians have insight into how healthcare systems operate, they understand medical lingo, have contacts throughout the medical community and are experienced at advocating for their patients, family and friends. A few calls within the medical delivery system will often dislodge logjams among overburdened providers and schedulers. A well-informed and prepared patient also renders more efficiency to their visit with their doctor.

PAVE’s volunteer physicians have the knowledge and experience, along with the compassion, to provide this unique form of patient advocacy and PAVE’s retired physicians can invest the TIME needed to build the trust required to do this right.

San Diego County provides fertile ground for PAVE’s Mission. It houses the second largest concentration of veterans and the largest number of post 9/11 veterans transitioning out of military service in the United States.

While PAVE’s physician advocates do not practice medicine, they will have maintained their medical license in an active, voluntary, or retired status and be in good standing. PAVE cannot accept physician advocates who have had their licenses revoked or have undergone a stipulated surrender of their license.

Read our Physician Advocate FAQs here.